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Even though I haven't posted an updated Empties post in a few months, I still collected my products as usual. Before I have another month's worth of empties, I better now show you what I finished in the past few months!

BBW Purr Fect Potion Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: I love Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand soaps, this one was good for Autumn, as it has Cinnamon Spice in it. It is not too spicy though, as it also contains vanilla. I will keep the container for next Halloween!

La Coupe Moisture Refresh Dry Shampoo: I bought this at Dollarama and didn't really like it. Don't know if this one was a bad batch or what, but it was not dry at all!

Jealous Body Scrub: I loved this scrub, I did a review on it. I might not purchase it though as I think it can easily be DIYed.

Dove Go Fresh Anti-Perspirant: I love the scent of Dove products, but sometimes, they overpower other perfumed products I might wear. This one is the case. It smells fresh, which is great for the underarms, but then that is all I can smell, When I go out, I want to smell like my perfume, and have a more subtle deodorant. I bought this one is a pack of two, but I don't think I'll repurchase this particular Dove deodorant.

L'Occitane Rose Petals Hand Cream: I try to make this one last a while because the scent is limited edition and it's my favourite from L'Occitane yet. I'm sad to let this go, but I still have a few of those handbag sized hand cream, they moisturize, but are not too greasy: they sink in fast.

Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips: I used these quite regularly and they are my favourite pore strips. I have tried the original ones in the past and didn't see any difference but the charcoal ones are magic! Mesmerizing in a gross way.

Cattier Rebalancing Cleansing Gel: I liked this one as I love Cattier products. I bought it in France last year and when I first used it, I had breakouts, which I thought was because of this gel but then I used it again a few months later and I was fine. I guess the breakouts were caused by pollution. I haven't found it here in Canada, not sure if it is available at all, but if I see it I will repurchase. 

Orgnx Leave-In Conditioner: I liked it. I bought it on clearance and I think it is discontinued, but I would repurchase, and it smelled fruity, which I enjoyed. 

COLAB London Dry Shampoo: I love the scent, sophisticated but not too overpowering. I used to like it, but after finishing the bottle, I don't think it is the best dry shampoo. I have other scents, but this one is my favourite.

London Bath and Beauty Mini Shaver: It took me a while to take the plunge and shave my face with these little razors. I have lots of hair, and my face is hairy as well. To the point where my face just look dirty if I don't do anything. Used to wax, but then my skin started t be sensitive and breakouts. Shaving is just a god-sent. I wish those razors would be easier to get a hold of. I still have a few, but would repurchase when I see them in store!

So,.. wait for it... 38 empties! I did good. What about you?

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