New Bits and Bobs


Another haul,  I know but I just wanted to show you those little things I bought because why not?

I got the pink pen holder and the Gemini candle (how cool is that?) from Dollarama. It's been hit and miss lately, but you really have to go around different stores, because they have different things. I noticed that the ones in New Brunswick has different things than in Quebec, probably because they have things with sayings in English and maybe Law 101 prevents them to sell them here?

I also got the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick in Wow Effect and the Annabelle Chrome in Rose Gold from Shoppers. The latter I got fro free because of scanning code of practice. Yay! I also got a pack of hangers fro free from Wal-Mart that day for the same reason! :)

Speaking of Wal-Mart, nothing exciting from there, besides the aforementioned hangers (kind of boring) and the post-its. Since I got a new desk, might as well be equipped!

From the Atlantic Superstore I bought a bottle of Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner. It was on clearance, probably they won't carry the brand anymore. I was a shame they didn't have the matching shampoo, as I really like them (see my Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat post). 

I also got a pair of panties. Because I need some, stupid muffin top!!! Do you have any tips for getting rid of that? Please share if you do!

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