Saturday's Stuff I Like


It's been almost two years since I've written a Saturday's Stuff I Like! Wow! I don't know why I dropped it, but since I strive to be more positive in my life, I want to do it again! So here it goes!

First, my new apartment! It now feels home, as opposed to my parent's house, in which I lived in for the past 4 1/2 years. We have yet to paint the walls like we want, but anyway I like how the light comes out in my pics! I can't wait to have it ready so I can post an apartment tour! :)

Tulips! Those are the tulips I got last Monday and when I grabbed the bouquet, a man told me: "Wow, we haven't seen those in a while!" To which I responded: "Yes, Spring is coming!"

Feeling better. I feel more positive, and my coworkers have also noticed. It feels good to feel good! I feel zen-like, at peace with myself.

Getting roses for Valentine's Day from my boyfriend. He left one of the roses on my car's door for me to see when I'm finished working. So sweet!

Essential oils. I finally brought my diffuser from my parent's home and tried a new blend of orange, cedar and lavender. A nice one! I also bought honeysuckle EO this week, I love the scent of this plant, and apparently it's good for scarring so I'm trialling this!

Anything you've been loving this week?


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