I wanted a foundation for a while now, but I was dreading to buy one. The reason is simple: I didn't want to buy the wrong color and had spent too much money for it. So the other day I decide that I would go and buy one and by the way, to take advantage of the 3 for 2 promotion at Boots and to treat myself for my b-day!

What I bought was: Bourjois Healthy mix foundation in 56, Healthy mix correcting concealer in 53 and also Délice de Poudre bronzing powder. Now this one I haven't tried yet, as I didn't bring a proper brush for it (from Canada).
The concealer is so-so, I think you can say I put in on when i do. But I like the foundation though! My skin is not so bad, but I have a few discoloration on the cheeks (be careful, a scary image is coming):

I like how it is lightweight and still has a good coverage. I also like the fruity smell of it! The Healthy mix range contains various fruit ingredients claiming all different things:

Well I cannot say about the energy part! But my skin looks great, if a little darker than usual! I have to say that the lighting has something to do with it, because in "real life" it is slightly darker...

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