My shoes are in need of TLC! Help me please!


Hi there! The other day, I broke my favorite pair of shoes... They're vintage '80s and I can't bare the thought that I may not be ble to wear them again!

I went at one shoe repair guy, and he said that there is nothing to do with it, since they're too old. Well there is nothing HE can do. I understand that most of the shoe repair guy won't do any work if it doesn't suit their heel standards and such. I already had this problem with another pair. And the repair guy in my parents' town is great with that. But the thing is that he is in Canada. And I am in London... Problem problem!

So I don't really know any good reapair guy and am asking you for your help! Do you know any good shoe repair places in London? I need one that is willing to do some handycraft, because as you can see, it is not a job where you just have to change the rubber part!

Thank you girlies!

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