Free Trial-sized Armani Make-up with Grazzia


Hello! I picked up this week's Grazia magazine "5 July 2010", the one with Jennifer Aniston on it. Apparently she wants a baby... And this news is shocking Hollywood (whatever)!

Anyway, if you go to page 117, you get a voucher for 3 sample sized Giorgio Armani products. Those products are Luminous Silk Foundation, Face Fabric (kind of an illuminator) and a blusher.

Well today I popped into Selfridges to get them! Oh! They also do a counsultation. I skipped that part, I was hungry. Well, the pots are about the size I expected, so it's not that bad. But i thought they would also fill the blusher pot, but they didn't.

That is the sad part because of all the product, I thought this one would be worth it as a trial size... And, it is a nice product. Anyway, I am glad of having yet another magazine freebie!

Left to right: Blushing Fabric in 1, Face Fabric in 7 and Luminous Silk Foundation in 5.5.

I have just tried the Foundation now, and it has good coverage without being too heavy.

I kinda want to wait to have those MAC Duo Fibre brush to use the foundation, so a little goes a long way...

Downside, I think the products smell like paint.

Have you picked your Armani goodie yet?

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  1. Oh, shall have to get it!

  2. Yes do it quick because there is already another isue of Grazzia out as of today!


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