Hairdryer malfunction!


I was in need of a hairdryer and made some research before buying one. Now I don't know a lot about electrical devices... I was browsing on the internet on Boots' website and I found one that might suit my needs: Revlon Powerdry Glamour 2000w. It seemed to have everything I wanted: good voltage and power, ceramic and ionic technology, a nozzle, some handy accessories. And it was not expensive.

I bought the Revlon Powerdry Glamour 2000w hairdryer a month ago. On June 14th exactly. I wanted to write a review about it, and I was making sure I used it a few times properly before doing so (I don't wash my hair everyday).

As far as speed drying goes, this hairdryer is fab. It has enough watts to be powerful as I like hairdryers to be. It did a good job.

However, I think it has a few design flaws.

First, and everybody seems to agree on that: the cord is too short. I myself am short and I had to sit near the plug socket so I wasn't too far.

Second, I think it is too heavy. From all the reviews I read, everybody was raving about it being lightweight. Well it isn't.

Third, the hairdyer, whith the nozzle on is too long. I hit myself a few times while drying my hair...

Fourth, the on/off button doesn't work properly. Everytime I tried to put it off, I had to do it twice: it would stopped and then start again.

So I was using my hairdryer and taking notes to do a review when on Sunday, the plug melted in the wall socket!!!!!

That is the first time I see anything like this!!!! I have not read any reviews on that. Maybe it was just my actual hairdryer that had a problem... not the entire line.

Anyway, for this reason, I cannot recommend this product! In a sense I was lucky it didn't set on fire or cause further electrical damage (I have an electricity/fire phobia).

Here are some pictures of the "disaster":

So today I went back to the store to exchange it. It was hard to chose, and I felt like I couldn't trust any hairdryers anymore! But I chose Mark Hill's Style and Go Travel Dryer. I hope this will last me longer than the other one!

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  1. aww thats terrible! Hopefully it was just a one off though :)

  2. Yes I hope so, for the others who bought it! I am really glad it did set on fire though!


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