Liverpool mini-break!


This weekend I went to Liverpool, home of the Beattles! Well, we wanted to leave London at 9ish, but our alarm clock didn't ring, so we woke up late!

Then we headed to Euston station, where we bought our tickets in a rush, because the departure was in a few minutes time!

Once on board, we realise that the train is not going to Liverpool! It is going to Brimingham, where we have to change train! Well, a few hours later, we finally arrive in Liverpool.

The hotel couldn't find our reservation... The reservation was under my boyfriend's name, but in the system, it was under my surname, and his last name as the first name.... So weird!

We then proceed to go and have something to eat, and then visit Beattles story. On our way there, the rain started to pour.

Beattles story was nice to visit, I didn't know a lot of things about the Beattles before, but now I know! It was nice that it was hands-on and that we could take pictures.

We then go back where all the fun is, and we saw all those hens and stags' parties! I swear to God, I never saw that many in one night! It seems that everyone in Liverpool was getting married! Also, I saw a girl going about her business with hair rollers on, just like Gemma (Gem's Maquillage) said in one of her videos! We wanted to go out in one of those clubs, but unfortunately, we didn't bring a proper change of clothes... :( We went to a pub instead and the evening was nice anyway!

The day after we visited more than the first day. We went to the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Slave Museum. After that, we visite a sail boat, the Kathleen & May (my boyfriend really likes boats). We then went to the Cavern and immerse ourselves in what a night with the Beattles could have been!

We stroll around some more and then we had a meal before going back to London. The mascot in the restaurant where we ate was really keen on my boyfriend and was trying to hit on him! That was funny!

We took our train, and we stop to change in Crewe. There, the television indicating the train information was saying that our train would stop on platform 5, while it was actually on platform 3! So we missed our train! We went to see customer service, and explain the situation. No more train from our company was coming this night, so we were stuck! Anyway, after a few minutes chatting with Martin, he gently filled a permission to ride a Virgin train to Birmingham, where we caught another one going to London. Phew!!!!!

Arriving in London Euston, we realized that there was only one more train going to our home! And we had 4 minutes to catch it!

Arrived at home, Nick realized that our roommates broke our garden gnome in one of their drunken moments... We were sad. And that was the end of a weekend full of adventures!

And what did you do this weekend?

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