Flake & Benefit Win!


On August 1st, I won a Benefit lipstick in my Cadbury Flake package! I was so excited! I know lots of people already have win a lot of these, but I bought many Flakes and only win one. i don`t think I will goignt to win another oone, as I already bought too many Flakes, almost past the value of the lipstick! And, I prefer other chocolates!

I received it last week. There are four lipstick colours and two liglosses to choose from. I chose a lipstick in the shade Wild Card. When I received it, I thought it was too dark, but it suits me well and it's going to be a nice colour for Autumn and Winter. Here are some pictures!

I love that they put a lips sticker on the enveloppe, I actually thought somebody sent me something!

The colour on the picture is not like the real one. In real, it is darker, and is more a brownish red!

Have you won one of these yet?

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  1. Hi Hun! Thank you for following up with all the information on the Quebec regulations for contests. It's great that I learned something new from you :)
    AND speaking of learning from you, I also learned something new in this post! LOL. OMG when you said you got a lipstick from Cadbury I was like, she got a lipstick from eating chocolate?!! I haven't heard of Cadbury Flake and now that I google it I see they haven't sold it in Canada before....gosh darnnit we don't get any makeup from magazines or food or anything.
    Yes, I would think that would be a great colour for Fall coming up.

  2. Hey Karen! You`re right, I am in London at the moment! They should do more giveaways like that in Canada! And magazines freebies!

    Yay! That is the only thing I won this month!

  3. Wow c'est cool ça! Félicitations =D

  4. Hey Steph, je viens de t'envoyer un email avec le code du coupon de Google (=


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