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Have you heard about Wahanda? Well, it is a site where you can buy beauty (and wellness) services (vouchers) at a discount! I came across this website through Beauty Scribbler, a blogger I have been following since this summer. Wahanda operates in the UK and the USA

I have already bought a few services through Wahanda, in their MobDeal programm. Everyday they have a fantastic offer, available only for that day. It can be anything from massages to teeth whitening. The voucher you buy is usually good for a few weeks or months. I only had the chance to actually redeemed one of my vouchers yet, as I didn't go anywhere with my broken foot! But when my foot is better, I am treating myself to a pedicure!

They also have a club, where members can earn status and money off when they buy vouchers. It is called Beauty Heaven. If you want to join, here is a link for you: http://www.mybeautyheaven.com/invite/edaf29a6

So join and get some good deals!

Have you purchased anything from Wahanda yet?

EDIT: I forgot to say that for the daily Mobdeals, a minimum of person must tip the deal before you can actually purchase it, but usually this minimum is always reached!

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