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This autumn, I have been contacted by Cellnique to review a few of their products. After a few emails between me and Selina, she has been able to make some recommandations for me.

I have received the Skin Action Sebum Gel*, the Total DayTime Protection 30*, the Skin Purifying Masque* and a shopping bag.

So I was really excited to receive this and try them all! That is what I have been doing for over than three weeks now.

Skin Action Sebum Gel

I wanted to try a product that has a similar effect as a serum, and this one arrived just in time! This product is said to reduce blackheads and whiteheads, as well as sebum secretion. I have always had oily skin, and the promise of reducing my shine was enticing! When I received my parcel, I had a few zits, (I hadn't had this problem for a long time though) so I was eager to see what this product would do for that.

On their website, it says that the product smells of peppermint, but I smell the tea tree oil more. I do not mind this scent, as for me it means oil absorbing (this is just my brain working that way), but I have to admit that some people might be annoyed by that. The texture is silky and kinda gooey. But it is fast absorbed by the skin and has a cooling effect. I used this product just after cleansing my face, right before moisturizing it.

It didn't take long that my zits were dried out ( I think it might be due to the tea tree oil). I haven't noticed a lot of difference on how matte my skin is. I think it is more matte than before, but the big difference was in the zits dissapearing. I also tried it on my wrist, where I have an occasional rash and the morning after it was almost all gone.

Total Daytime Protection 30

I wanted to look for a facial sunblock, as lately I have been more aware of the damage the sun can do. But my idea of sunblock is of a really thick and greasy cream. I was thrilled to be able to try this particular product, as it is made fo the face, and has SPF 30.

The fist thing I like about this product is the smell, a nice powdery vanilla one. Texture-wise, it is creamy, non-greasy, just like a moisturizer. I used it just like a moisturizer, as I do not think my skin needs anymore after applying this. Dryer skin might want to use a moisturizer in combination though. Out of all three products I have tried, this one is my favorite, and I would repurchase it.

Skin Purifying Masque

This is the product I liked least. It is still a nice product, but I prefer other type of face masque. I wouldn't be able to describe the smell. The masque is not the kind that would stiffen in your face (those are the ones I like). It is a clear, gel like masque that dries sinking in your skin. The advantage is that you dont look as ridiculous if your roommates see you with it!

Overall, I like the products I have been trying. They do are on the pricey side, but I think a little goes a long way and it is finally not as expensive as you would think. I like the pumps on the Skin Action Sebum Gel and Total Daytime Protection 30, I think it is more hygenic than most skincare products I have tried before. I also like their description page on their website, it says how and when in your skincare routine to use you products.

Here are some before pictures:

And some after!

You can still see some older scars on the after pictures, and I am eager to see if it will reduce them in the long run!

Have you tried any Cellnique products?

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  1. J'ai aussi eu la chance d'essayer des produits Cellnique que je n'aurais jamais eu la chance de me procurer autrement (trop cher!!), mais ce n'étaient pas les mêmes. J'ai également vu des résultats, mais pas assez pour racheter les produits )=

  2. Oui jai vu sur ton blog que tu les avais essayé! J'avoue que c'est cher... Mais j'aime bien la protection solaire et le gel!


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