Merry Christmas!


Hi all!

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, and have fun with your loved ones! I, also hope you have a white Christmas, as we don't here and I have never seen a Christmas like this before!

This is a picture of the gingerbread cookies we did yesterday. I am glad I took a picture of them, as the dog ate them all when we were at the church!

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  1. HA-HA! I'm glad you explained because I was like, "noo! They're going to waste!" lol.

    Well, they look really good! :) I've never made gingerbread cookies before.

    By the way, I'm currently hosting an international giveaway. Join if you're interested!

  2. Joyeux Noël en retard hihi! J'ai même pas fait de biscuits en pain d'épice encore, je suis tellement paresseuse ahah!


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