While browsing Gaby's blog, I came across her Apothica giveaway. While I have never heard of this company, I decide to look it up.

Apothica is an American website that sells all the makeup and beauty favorites: Too Faced (a celebrity favourite!), La Mer, Bare Escentuals, Bobbi Brown, etc.

Their Home and Laundry and Candles section make me want to have a decent place of my own (ie my house) to decorate and make homely!

Browsing through their website, I noticed that they ship internationally, which is a good point for most of us girls!

If you are looking for a product that is not sold around you and for a website that stocks it AND ship internationally, Apothica might be your solution!

PS: Gaby is giving away a $25 Apothica giftcard here!

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  1. Salut Steph, merci pour le post! Ils vont être content chez Apothica! Et tu sais quoi, je pense bien que tu es la seule à avoir les 25 chances! Bonne chance! =D


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