Lucky Dip 5 Nails Inc polishes for £14!!!!


Elizabeth Street, credits: Nails Inc.

I just heard news that Nails Inc is going to have another one of their "lucky dip" polish sale on Friday, February 25! This sale is going to take place one day only, and you can get 5 polishes online for £10, plus £3.95 P&P. The only thing is that you don't know what colours you are going to receive. Surprise surprise!

Rumours has it that some of the colours that might be included could be: Elizabeth Street (cream/nude), Whitechapel, (peal/white), Hans Road (red), Chester Place (dark pink), Mercer Street (bright red) as well as a few others. The set will contain four 'lucky dip' shades plus a A&E top coat worth £12. Regular price for Nails Inc polishes is £11 each.

I really like Nails Inc polishes, but as they are pricey, I like to take advantage of sales or promos to get them! This one is good as you get 5 for the price of one (well a wee more)!

Will you order the polishes? Which Nails Inc polishes do you have in your collection?

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  1. Yeah, I used Kryolan Aquacolor to do Kesha's look (^_^)

  2. At least you have the chance to see it in person before buying it (if you remember the address, lol)!
    I had to buy it online, because where I live I can't buy Kryolan anywhere, so...I bought it without seeing it in person. But I like it and I'm happy with my purchase (^_^)


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