My Nails Inc Lucky Dip polishes!


A few days ago I was posting about this offer Nails Inc had for a day: a lucky dip of 5 polishes for under £15.

So here they are. They were getting behind with the shipping as the offer was so popular! But I did got mine a few days ago, only my neighbour were helding them captive as I wasn't there when it was delivered.

So I received (left to right): Westbourne Terrace, A&E Treatment Base Coat, Battersea Park, Augustus Street and Whitcomb Street.

Westbourne Terrace is a muddy colour, a cross between brown and red. To be honest, this is my least favourite Nails Inc polish I have.

The A&E Treatment is a multitasking product. It can be used either as a base coat or a treatment for dry and damaged nails. The website says:
For an intensive treatment, apply one layer of base coat to your nail every day for a week. Remove your base coat at the end of the week and continue this process for 4 weeks.

I am trying this one at the moment. I don't think I will do the whole 4 weeks process, as my nails are not dry or damaged, but I think they can use a little boost

Battersea Park is my favourite! It is almost an army green, but I would say it is slightly more yellow. if you're familiar with John Deere tractors (I know totally random!) this is a similar color.

Augustus Street looked really nice in the bottle. A glitter-packed grey like I love them. Once swatched, I noticed that it is actually a suede polish! That disappointed me. I am not against the idea of suede polishes, but just that the bottle promised me something I didn't get. Maybe later I will say I am totally amazed by it, but for now, it is just ok.

Whitcombe Street is a nice glittery brown. The brown hue is more on the red side. Of all those, this is my boyfriend's favourite. I was kind of surprised by that actually since he's not into browns usually!

Did you take advantage of the lucky dip offer? What did you get?

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  1. Unfortunately I didn't know about this but those colours are lovely <3


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