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Have you all enjoyed the Royal Weeding? Yes, another Royal Wedding related post, but I am going to concentrate with my personnal feelings of it.

Because, as you've guessed from the title, I was there on the streets to see all those beautiful people on their way back and forth to Westminster Abbey.

I have been toying with the idea of going downtown for that occasion for about 2 weeks. I really hate big crowds of people, but the idea of taking an active part of the celebrations won. Well, I couldn't be in London and not take advantage of it!

I finally made my decision the night before, and planned everything at the last minute. I got up at 7:30 after a short night, but the adrenalin got me on my feet in no time. I really thought Nick wouldn't be bothered to join me, but to my great surprise, he did! My plan was to get to Westminster station and from there, follow the procession route to get a nice place to settle.

I was really surprised how the main stations around Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace were not closed. We made our way to Wesminter station and got there in 30 minutes! Watching tv before going I was under the impression that the crowds were not too big yet, so I felt alright. But once there, I realised everyone set to get there at the same time! So by 9, the streets around Westminster station were filled and it was annoying. Nick said he wanted to go at the back of the crowd, but I wouldn't have that! I wanted to SEE something!!!

So I told him my plan, that I was sure we could get a spot if we walked around a little bit. So we did that for a few minutes, and then we arrived besides the Ministry of Defense. Nick found a spot where we could watch the procession. At first I was not impressed, but time was running, so we stayed there. We were really annoyed by the girl in front of us, as she had a big hat. I thought it was really rude to have a hat that big when she was almost in the front. To our delight, she took it off and it was easier to see. So we were in the third row of people, which is good considering we weren't there at 6:30!

Everyone was just chilled and most people were all talking to each others. It was really pleasant to see everyone behaved despite the big crowds, I know sometimes people get cranky for less than that in the Tube!

Some people had detailed programme, but some were still following what relatives who watched it on telly texted them. From time to time, we would hear people cheer and we were all wondering: "Oh whose there?" At the beggining, it was shuttle full of dignitaries and foreign royals. (Which was not exciting, as we didn't see them or know them!) Sometimes, we would just cheer the rubbish collectors, it was their 5 minutes of fame!

I knew that the Princes would leave at 10:10, but I didn't know when they would pass in front of us! At some point, I heard the cheers and I knew they were coming. And I saw them! At least I noticed William, all in red! My heart was pounding, seeing the Princes! I took a picture, which was really out of frame :(

Next were Camilla and Prince Charles, but I didn't see the later. But Camilla waved, and to me, she looked like Linda Evans from Dynasty!

Then the Queen arrived! She was so bright in yellow, you couldn't miss her!

And then soemone shouted: "Kate is on her way!" And we all waited for the next car, waiting to see the princess of the day!

A car arrived, but we couldn't really see anything. Nick showed me the picture he took, and I thought it was Kate, but I didn't feel as excited as I thought I would be! So then someone shouted: "She left later than expected!" So this was not Kate! (It was actually her sister Pippa!)

But she followed a few minutes later. This time, no mistake could be made! It was Kate! I was really into it and proud for her, I clapped my hands!

Then Nick showed me the picture he took. And it was the perfect picture! I felt my eyes wet a little bit. Nick said: "Oh are you shedding a tear?" And I nodded. He said: "Are you going to cry?" And then, something happened, something I didn't know I had in me. I started crying, just like a human fountain. I felt so stupid, but I couldn't help it: the tears dropped on their own. I cried like that for half of it, can you believe that?

The ceremony continued and everybody was quiet. Then the vows were exchanged and everybody cheered. Everything was relayed by speakerphones. I know some places had giant screens, but there wasn't any where we were. Some people behind us had a little telly and were watching. But i didn't see the wedding taking place :(

During the ceremony, guards were parading and getting ready outside.

After, all those beautiful people paraded in front of us again, but this time, as one family! The first carriage were the newlyweds, and I was lucky to have Nick with me, he's the one who took the first picture above!

Then you had carriages with the bride and groom's parents:

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were in a carriage of their own, though.

Even though I was there, when I got home, I still watched it a little bit as I didn't see how it was inside. Then I had to go take a nap as I was so exhausted!!!

What did you do? Did you have a street party? Or did you go to London to see it?

P.S: All the pictures are my own (taken by my boyfriend and I). Please do not use unless you have contacted me to do so: msbububusiness@gmail.com Thank you!

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