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If you are like me, you sometimes get stuck for gift ideas (I know my dad's and mum's are coming over the next few weeks!), and you might attend weddings or birthday parties in the next coming months. Fret not, I have a website to suggest to you!

Lately, I have heard of Gifted People, a Scottish website that lets you either buy e-voucher for different arts and crafts classes, useful gifts (like ironing service!) and experiences (spa, walks along Loch Lomond) in Scotland, or buy a tangible gift, such as jewellery.

I was given the opportunity to choose one of their products or services to review. Since I live in London and I am not sure when I will go to Scotland (but I want to go!), I chose a silver bracelet. This opportunity also came at a good time, since in two weeks, it's my birthday!

I really wanted a silver bracelet, and I am always drawn to coloured glass, so the Glass & Silver Bangle* would be the perfect gift for me! It is made of dichroic glass that has a special reflective quality to it (the colour changes depending on how the light shines on it!) The only problem for me with this is that I have a small wrist, and it's a bit big. Not enough to loose it thought!

The bangle comes from Lazy Daisy Glass, run by Kathryn Abrahams. She was also kind to send me some pendants: I think the cow is really cool!

If you are looking for gift ideas, why not take a look at their website!

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review - wish I had wrists that slim! For others that suffer from similar problems, we can also get jewelery made to commission. Imagine this as a bracelet

  2. @Annie: Jewelery made to comission seems like a good idea! I love the colours of the necklace you send me the link, purple and gold look so nice toghether!

    @Lina Kim: Thank you! :)

  3. That bracelet is gorgeous! I have some earrings with similar glass in them and love them.

  4. Hi Karen! Thank you! I really like earrings as well! This time though I thought I would get a bracelet to make a change, as I am usually always drawn to earrings!


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