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Last Friday I took advantage of another Nails Inc lucky dip offer. I would have shared the offer with you, but as you may know, Blogger was down:(

This time around, the offer was 6 polishes for £15 (well £19,95 with shipping). Which is more than last time (5 for £10, but one of them was a top coat). I am really pleased with the selection of colours I got, more than last time! If I wasn't a nail polish addict, I would say this selection could take me from Summer to Winter, as you have dark, light and bright colours.

Left to right: Queensgate Mews, Strawberry Hill, Portland Place, Curzon Street, Portman Place, Birdcage Walk.

Queensgate Mews: They describe it as a "sultry balck grape" and I have to agree, it's a dark purple.

Strawberry Hill: This is a hot raspberry, from their Ice Cream Collection.

Portland Place: Dark Teal colour. Really similar to the Electric Teal colour offered with this month's inStyle.

Curzon Street: Dark chocolate brown, it was part of a Fall/Winter QVC offer.

Portman Place: This is an electric purple, really vivid! It's also my favourite!

Birdcage Walk: Is a dusty nude pink. I think it would look like Kate Middleton's wedding nails!

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  1. you always do this stuff...i love nails inc too...yet to get my in style colours :9 don't want the teal and can't find the others locally :(

  2. Well, I got the lucky dip twice! Last time was a little disapointing. As for the InStyle freebie, I agree with you, I got a hard time to find the Candy Orange and Fashion Fawn one I wanted. Before I saw them, I wanted to get the Teal one, but as I had a similar one I passed. I hate how people stole the polishes (or nice freebies) everywhere! Then they sell it on eBay for more than the magazine worth...Arggh!

  3. I'm always scared to buy the Lucky Dips as I thought I'd get the rubbishy reject colours no one else wants, but you have convinced me otherwise! x

  4. @Alice: I know, I was also scared, I missed a few lucky dips last year, but after reading so many comments on forums I had to try! I have to say, I wasn't sure about doing it this time, but after a few drinks I went for it haha!

  5. I forgot to say girls, but there is a Nails Inc Swap group on Facebook, so if you have shade you no longer want,you know: it can be someone else's treasure!!/home.php?sk=group_222421564440924


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