What to buy with your No7 voucher!



If you're anything like me, you like to shop at Boots!!! They always have those amazing offers, but to top it up, they sometimes give £5 off vouchers when spending £5! And now is that time again.

I never really know what to get, as there is sa many choices and sometimes I end up losing my vouche because of that. So this post is about ideas of what to get with it, whether you're after a bargain or you just want my personal recommandations!

If you're after a bargain:

Hair band. Usual price is £6.14, so you pay £1.14!
Ultimate Moisture Gloves, same price as the hair band.

Brushes. Most of them can cost you £2 or less with your voucher. I really like the Smokey Eyeliner Brush, as I have long eyelashes and it's hard for me to pack eyeshadow along my bottom lashes, but this brush is perfect for that!

Nails polishes: Usually £7, they will be £2 with your voucher. The color on the picture is Beanie, that I got last Fall. For this summer, I have my sight set on Vivid Violet and Coral Kiss!

And my personal favourites!

Exceptionnal Definition Mascara: This one is £12,50, but with the voucher it will be more affordable! It is my favourite mascara, but at first it took me a while to get used to the brush (three-in-one with a comb, brush and a tip end for the edges).

Skin Illuminator: Would be £6 with the money off. I put it under foundation to give my skin a little boost! Available in two colours, Peach and Pink!

Protect & Perfect Intense Eye Cream: After seeing the results on my boyfriends dark circles and lines, I think this product is good! Regular price is £19.

I think I might grab a nail polish, or maybe the moisture gloves! What about you?

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  1. I really love the No7 Smokey Eye Brush so might pick up another one with my voucher.

  2. This post is great!

    I always find it hard to pick something with my vouchers I think a lot of their things are a little over priced but I don't mind paying the extra with the vouchers, I love their blusher I need a voucher as I'm just running out now so thank you I think I might have to have a little trip to boots hehe x

  3. @cornflakegirl: I realised I forgot to take pic of the brush! Will try to upload it soon. It's a nice brush, got it for peanuts with the last voucher offer!

    @Katie: I agree, regular price it is pricey! I still have two vouchers to use, might use one of them tomorrow, last day for their 10x the point offer! (Well 10x instead of 4x on £1!)


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