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It's me again today!

Today, many girls (maybe boys??) received their GlossyBox (UK edition). It is the second installment, but for many people, it was their first one.

Last time around, many bloggers and gurus received the box as a compliment from the company. Lots have been said about it already, and the word was that a NARS product would be included. Well, it was! And a full-sized one! Many people were really pleased about that, and many more signed up, hopeful that the hype about the GlossyBox was more than just the hype.

Personally, I missed the first box by a few days, this is due to my not impulsive character. I had to balance wether it was a good thing or not to subscribe. I did my research, looking at other GlossyBox franchise around the world. Well, Germany and Brazil.

The German ones have been running for a few months already, and in my opinion, they are spot-on: full-sized products, nice quality products, decent size, etc. You can take a look for yourself in these videos: April, May, June. And the Brazil ones are pretty lame!

I also checked the other versions int different countries: Birch Box, Loose Button, Douglas Box, etc. So I kinda know the concept: 5 deluxe samples, for a nominal fee, delivered to your door every month.

Today, many seem dissapointed that the box doesn't contain a full-sized product. Well, the keay is in the description GlossyBox gives on their website: "Every month we send you 5 exciting
luxury product miniatures packed in a beautiful box for you to test at home.

Of course, the full-sized NARS product was a great incentive to sign up. However, people semmed to forget they susbscribed to a sample service. Full-sized it isn't.

Some were disapointed by the fact that the Batiste Dry Shampoo sample is not a sample of an high-end product. Fair enough, as GlossyBox promised luxury product samples: "Each GlossyBox contains five selected luxury product miniatures." This is a let-down, and also a false representation of the product.

On top of that, GlossyBox decided to break the news today that the shipping will not be included in the fee, starting in September. If many people were thinking of unsubbing, this was the last straw that convinced them to do so. It doesn't take someone working in PR (even though I am) to undersatnd this is total PR fail.

I have not received my first GlossyBox yet. I thought I would have receive it today, but it is not here. Maybe the postie will bring it tomorrow. I haven't seen or tried the products yet, so cannot really forge my opinion. But I keep in mind that they are deluxe samples.

I would really like to hear your thought on this controversial subject now!

As well, there will be some GlossyBox competition (always a good thing for customers!) as of this summer! It is called Boudoir Privé and you can be added to the invitation list here. I am not working from there, and neither did I receive promotional material about it. So I cannot say if it's going to be any good or not. But, it doesn't do any harm to be added on the list and see later when the invites are out (you will then be able to chose wheter you want to subscribe or not)!

What do you think?

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  1. I do like the idea and I would love to be able to subscribe to one. It is a shame they will start charging for shipping and I agree that's a PR fail!

  2. I work in marketing and am appalled at how they are handling this entire situation from a PR perspective. Unbelievably they haven't even responded to the uproar of complaints on Facebook - it's as if they're choosing to ignore the feedback. I have no idea what on earth they're thinking! Luckily I got some samples in my own Glossybox that I really like, so I am not one of those complaining..!

  3. @ Beauty Addict: I don't know any similar service shipping to Ireland, but Boudoir Privé seems really keen to cater for you guys as soon as they can! Their timing is really wrong for the P&P thingy!

    @miss-violet: As I was saying on their FB page, PR is also about how you handle crisis and bad critiques, not just broadcasting good reviews. Haven't they heard about damage control?! Anyway, can't wait to receive my box!

  4. Wow, je n'étais pas au courant de ça! J'ai regard. beaucoup de posts sur des blogs à propos de ces affaires là (Glossy Box et autres) mais rien n'a vraiment attiré mon attention et puis je m'en foue un peu des marques high end. C'est plate quand même!

  5. Salut Gaby!

    Oui, je trouve un peu toute l'histoire plate. Je trouve ca plate pour eux que les gens en fassent un cas, je veux dire, ils ont quand meme signé pour un service ou ils testent des nouveaux produits, et la les gens chialent: c'est des échantillons, ya pas de produits MAC, on a jamais entendu parlé de ces marques-là. Tout ça faisait partie de la deal pourtant! Ce que je trouve nul, c'est que leur PR n'ont pas addressé les gens mécontents (certains ont raison: les frais de port, auaparavant inclus, mais aucune mention n'était faite qu`ils étaient offerts pour un certain moment, tout d'un coup ils augment la boite de £3!)et en plus de ça, ils se tapent dans le dos en disant que "tout le monde a aimé la GlossyBox" et que maintenant que leur nom est fait, ils vont arreté de payer les frais de port pour nous.

    J`me fout pas mal de la controverse du produit Batiste, s'ils enligne leur jeu comme du monde, on peut y voir qu'une erreur de positionnement.

    Ceci dit, ma boite est au bureau de poste et je vais la chercher apres mon déjeuner!

    A bientôt!

  6. such terrible terrible customer service!! I did a blog on the absolute tosh they gave out this month and cancelled my sub, i can get some super stuff with £10 other then a nice box and bow! x

  7. If they have a bad customer service department as well, it's not looking good for them! I reckon they might be really busy today, with all those angry people!


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