Nails inc Copacobana + Fabulous Nails Inc Tomorrow


Another post about Nails Inc, but last time I couldn't get proper pictures of the swatch for Copacobana! And I got a special request from Huzzannah to do so!

So here it is in this morning sun! It says that it's going to rain today so I was quick to get advantage of the sunlight.

And this was yesterday, in a cloudy lighting... With one of the flowers in my backyard that has a similar colour!

Also, a reminder as you might have seen this on other blogs (or not).

Fabulous (in News of the World) teamed with Nails Inc to give readers an exclusive set of two polishes: Atomic and OMP! (Oh my Pink)

Here's how to get them:

Now's your chance to sizzle all summer long! Thanks to Nails Inc, Fabulous readers can bag two free nail varnishes, worth £22.
Created exclusively for Fabulous, the polishes - called Atomic and OMP! (that's Oh My Pink!) - are this season's hottest shades.
To get your hands on a free Nails Inc duo, just cut out and collect three of the tokens we're printing over the next four weeks in Fabulous (and here at, starting today. Then take your three differently numbered tokens along to any participating Tesco Extra or Tesco supermarket from July 3*.
Plus, treat yourself to a half-price manicure for £14 (usually £28) by taking the voucher to any participating Nails Inc salon. That's summer nailed with Fabulous!

Another Nails Inc offers here and here.

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  1. That is such an awesome deal. Now, why haven't we got that here??! The colour Copacobana looks fab on you. :)

  2. Thanks for the swatch! I actually just went and got this, wasn't sure about it but your pictures made it look lovely. ^^

  3. @Witoxicity: Thank you! I know, since I moved here, there are so many deals, I just don't want to go back to Canada anymore!

    @Huzzannah: Great! Do you like it? I really do, it seems to match so many of my clothes! Thank you!

  4. It shocked me at first but since seeing the swatch and swatching it myself, I really love it! It will be the perfect Summer colour ^^ Thank you for all your help!

  5. @Huzzannah: Haha! It is indeed a perfect summer colour! Hope we'll have one at some point! Well, I'm glad I can be helpful :)

  6. hei.the winner from sigma giveaway?

  7. @Descude: I just finished compiling everything, so I might be able to do the draw and screenshot it tonight!


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