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On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to Westfield to grab some holidays clothes. While we were there, we had the opportunity to try Joe Delucci Gelato*. What a great way to get us in the holiday spirit!

I was invited by Joe Delucci Gelato via Fuel my Blog to review their ice cream. I'm not the one to say no to sweet things so I was pretty excited! I got Nick to come with me, and Saturday was the perfect day to have ice cream in London. in fact, many people thought so too as the queu was pretty big (but moved quickly ;) phew!).

Here is what Joe Delucci offers:

Joe Delucci's supply delicious gelato (Italian ice cream) to restaurants and café bars throughout the UK. We also operate a number of Ice cream parlours in busy shopping centres where you can try over 20 flavours on a daily basis.
Joe Delucci's are on a mission – to change the way we Brits think about ice cream and drive inferior products from this green and beautiful land.
Just because its cold, sweet and whipped with air doesn’t mean its any good – something the Italians have known for years!
Joe Delucci's gelato is made using fresh fruit and natural ingredients blended with Piemonte milk (or sometimes even water) as opposed to the heavy cream used in traditional British ice creams. This makes for a far more intense flavour experience and also makes our gelato lower in fat – so you can eat more of it. Fantastico!

Now, I always have dilemas when eating ice cream and gelato. I know I want chocolate (definitely chocolate!), but never know what else to chose, as everything seem so good! The lady at Joe Delucci gave me some of those little spoon samplers ( Mango, Fondente Nero, Cioccolato and Fragola). I finally decided on Cioccolato (Chocolate) and Fragola (Strawberry). Nick went for the Ciokomenta (Mint Chocolate Chip) and Frutti di Bosco (Fruits of the Forest).

I was not disapointed with my ice cream, in fact I took my time to savour it! Nick liked it as well, and being lactose-intolerant, is a rare treat for him (he took two Lactaids to be sure everything will be alright!).

A two scoop cone is about £3 and they also offer sorbet and milk shakes.

Now all we need is summer to finally come to the UK!

*Disclaimer: Product offer for review consideration through Fuel my Blog.

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