June Favourites!


I meant to post this last week, but as you may know, I was deprived of Internet for the last week! Eeeeeeeeeeek! Not good, especially when you are trying to organize your summer vacations!

Anyway, Internet is back to its normal self at home. So here are my June favourites!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation in 5.5: I got this last year as a freebie in Grazia (some might say it's yuck to use old product, I don't really believe you have to throw everything after 6 months). I have forgotten this product, as I got it when I was a little tanned. So now that I have a little tan again, I decided to use this again, and it's perfect for summer! It's light and the coverage is just great.

Cien Shampoo for daily use with Papaya & Peach Extracts: Ok, this product come from Lidl and was very cheap! I got this big bottle last year when I was in Brussels for my internship and hadn't start working yet! But this is a good product. I have to say, Lidl might be cheap, but those Germans know how to make good cheap stuff! The shampoo smells just like ripe peaches and every time I wash my hair with this my boyfriend compliments me on how shiny they are. Wink!

Dr Organic Organic Tea Tree Toothpaste: If you follow my blog regularly, you might have noticed that I like Tea Tree products. They are usually good for acne-prone or oily skin, but it also has good sanitizing properties. This toothpaste has been left by one of my ex-housemates, and I decided to use it as I was curious. I have never felt my mouth so fresh that long after brushing my teeth! This product is amazing! I usually have lunch really late in the afternoon and have a few cup pf coffees during the day, but if I have brushed my teeth with that in the morning, my breath is still fresh. Also, for the whitening part: I haven't really monitored the effects, but it seems that right after I brush my teeth with the toothpaste, they are whiter. It might be a placebo effect though (as I said, I haven't monitored this, just my general impression).

Braun Silk-épil Dual epilator Legs &; Body*: As the sun and summer sometimes seem to wanna make appearances, it is that time of the year to bare some flesh! So the epilator comes handy, more handy than the few techniques I used to use before (Veet, wax and threading). I now only use this and for my face I wax. I still don't use the shaving cap, only the regular epilator one. I find it works best on shorter hair. You can see some reviews here, here and here. You can buy it at Boots, and right now you get £60 off!

Eyeko Lip Tastik Glossy Lip Pn in Hot Lips: I really like the Lip Tastiks, they're easy to use and they come in bold colours. My favourite has to be Hot Lips though, as it is Fuschia!

Have you tried any of these? What are your June Favourites?

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  1. I agree about the Lidl products. i use their face wipes for dry skin to remove make-up and they're not only half the price of my bourjois ones but just as good. :-)

  2. Hi Anette!

    Thanks for the tip! I always find it hard to find decent wipes! :)

  3. Comment tu fais pour porter le Lip Tastik dans la teinte Hot Lips? Je l'ai mais je le trouve tellement trop flash!

    Sinon l'épilateur ne tire pas sur les poils? J'ai eu une très mauvais expérience avec un épilateur avant ahah

  4. Salut Gaby!

    Oui, le Lip tastik est tres flash! Mais j'aime ca les couleurs, j'suis pas tres fan des levres nude. J'ai essaye, mais j'suis pas convaincue.

    Lepilateur, oui, ca tire les poils, surtout au debut. Aussi j'trouve que le faire regulierement, avant que les poils soient trop longs ca aide :)


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