Comparing Dry Shampoos Part 1- Batiste Original Review


I think everyone loves dry shampoos! They are practical when you don't have time to wash your hair and blow dry, yet in need of freshening your hair!

In the past while, I have been testing a few of those, and in the next few posts, I will share my opinion on:

The first one I have tried is the Batiste one. Batiste is probably the more reknown dry shampoo brands.

That is my hair before

The smell of this dry shampoo is pleasant and fresh. It reminds me ofr Fruit Loops! I don't know if my bottle is a dummy, or if the formula is like that for every bottle, but I thought that even when I shake the bottle, the mist that comes out is wet, as opposed to be powdery. So much for a DRY shampoo!

The product claims to "banishes oily roots, boosts body and leaves hair feeling clean and fresh". I agree on the first two points, I can see that my roots don't look greasy and that it has more volume. But I still feel that they are dirty, if only that they still feel heavy, not as light as when they are freshly cleaned.

The stuff in "action" in action!

Dry shampoos are also useful to give volume to the hair, if you just work the product into your hair with your fingers, without combing through.

Big hair!

I also think that this product leaves a white cast to my hair, even when I shake and comb through. Sometimes this cast is really hard to get rid of! I know Batiste released a few dry shampoos suited to hair tones, and I would be interrested in trying if it makes any difference for the my dark hair.

Final results

You can still see the white powder, even though the camera picked it more than in "real life".

I would give this 2/5 stars.
PRO: Smells clean and fresh
CON: Leaves a white cast, is sometimes wet.

As the first one I have tried, I though it was a good product. It was doing what I expected of a dry shampoo, but I didn't like the wet mist I sometimes got out of it.

Charles Worthington Takeaways on the go Dry Shampoo Review

Stay tuned to see what I think of the other dry shampoos!

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  1. J'avoue pour le "white cast", c'est ça qui est fatiguant avec les shampooings secs quand on a les cheveux foncés! Mais sinon Batiste reste mon préféré (:

  2. Oui! Ya beaucoup de marques au Canada/Quebec qui font des shampooings sec? Batiste et Tresemme sont surement en vente, sinon il y a quoi?


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