Di Palomo White Grape and Aloe range review


A few weeks ago, I was invited to review some Di Palomo products. Di Palomo is an English brand based in Devon but inspired by indulgent Italy.

I have never heard of that brand before, but the scent of the products offered (White Grape) caught my fancy! It might be because white grape sound more glamourous than just purple grape (grape juice) or because I love white wine...

I was expecting luxurious products, and I was not dissapointed. In fact, when I received the box, it felt even more luxe than I thought. Everything was packaged like this was a gift. complete with green tissue paper, and the individual box of the products have tabs on it, which I rarely see.

I have received two products: White Grape & Aloe Body Butter* and White Grape & Aloe Bath & Shower Cream*. They say about the White Grape & Aloe's scent:

A wonderful l and truly amazing perfume that will make you feel indulged and pampered and pick you up and take you to a place in Tuscany on a warm summer’s day. This perfume will remind you of a special time or a romantic event in your life with that special someone. With the sweet and soft fragrance of the perfume the memories will come flooding back.

The body butter comes in a frosted glass jar, which I think is really nice. The Shower Cream, on the other hand, comes in a plastic bottle. Which is a little cheaper, but more handy in the shower/bath. Furthermore, it has a pump, which is very handy (no need to fuss with lids).

At first, I wasn't sure about the Shower Cream. Was is like a shower gel? Or like bubble bath? I decided to use it as a shower gel, but the fact that cream was written was confusing me. I was expecting something that doesn't lather. Well, it lathers nicely. And a subtle scent stays on the body afterwards.
If you want a stronger scent, you can put on the Body Butter. The smell is less subtle, but is still nice. You can almost go without perfume if you use this. It also leaves skin feeling soft.

I would say these would be nice gift during the upcoming holiday season. The body butter is £15 and the Shower Cream is £9. Other products and ranges are available, and you can also purchase gift sets.

For more information, visit Di Palomo.

Disclaimer: Samples supplied by Fuel my blog

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  1. Je trouve toujours ça bizarre quand des marques sortent un produit dans un super beau emballage fancy mais qu'un autre produit va être dans un emballage cheap ahah!


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