NOTD Leighton Denny in Sex Kitten


Today I have Leighton Denny's Sex Kitten for you. To be honnest, I have no clue why this is called Sex Kitten. To me, Sex Kitten would be red or blackish, but not this colour at all!

Anyway, Sex Kitten was part of The Risque Collection. It is described as a "sassy blue in a satin finish". It is indeed a silver, frosted blue. A nice colour, far from the darks that I am excited about right now, but it reminds me of the morning frost in Canada.

I like the glossy finish it gives, it makes me think of Shellac. Now I have never tried Shellac before, so I have no clue what I am talking about here, but from what I have heard and seen on pictures, the glossy gellish finish would be similar in my opinion.

The only downside I have is that it takes a while to dry.

P.S: Don't mind my henna tattoo.

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