Shopping the Stash (on a Tuesday)!


I had a hard time taking pictures for this one! But here are the products I have chosen for tihs week:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 56

I usually use this one in the summer. It might be a tad dark for this time of year, I will have to double-check! But I like this foundation, one of my favourite and it was actually the first one I bought!

NARS Blush Orgasm

I think this one doesn't need any further details, as everyone is always talking about it. But I decided to use this one as it is a soft shade, that will go well with the eyeshadows.

MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque

Ah this one is a hard worker! I love it on its own, but as well as a primer. And it looks well with so many eyeshadows!

ELF Mineral Eyeshadows in Caffeinated, Sweet and Celebrity
These are a nice combo if I want something neutral, but with a little bit of colour!

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Moray

I like the kakhi green colour, and it is going to be less harsh thatn black with the neutral colours I have chosen!

Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara

This is the older packaging. I like that this mascara makes my eyelashes more voluminous. This is what I look for in a mascara rather than length.

MAC Lipstick in Angel

A soft pink, it is one of my favourite lipstick!

Model's Own Lipgloss in Golden Nude

I think this will look good with the MAC lipstick, and give it a bit of colour so I don't look washed out.

There you have it! Have you shopped your stash this week?

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  1. lovely haul :D excited for NARS and Eyeko review if ur going to do a review on them ^^

  2. J'adore Angel (qui ne l'aime pas?) et je crois avoir plusieurs dupes de Orgasm dans mon stash! Par contre, j'ai essayé Eyeko Big Eyes deux fois (dans l'ancien packagin) et je l'ai détesté!

  3. @aMz88 : Thank you! I will try to pop a review of those!

    @Gaby: Oui, Angel est une coleur "passe-partout" et Orgasm aussi. Eyeko Big Eyes est difficile a enlever, mais il y a un truc, c'est de l'enlever avec de l'eau, tout simplement. OU peut-etre n'aimes-tu pas la formulation?


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