Candy Cane Nails


Everything seemed to go against me for this nail look. Although it is so simple, a kid could do it! But I think my nail polishes decided to be nasty, and either bubbled, didn't dry, messed up...

Anyway, as I said, the idea was simple: paint my nails in pink, except an accent nail, that I would all paint white. But for Some reason I painted all my nails white... And then had to put pink over it (except for accent nail, again).

I would then proceed to paint stripes on my accent nail. To stick with the candy cane themed, I chose green, red, pink to put over the white. I also wanted the white to pop through. I used scotch tape as guidelines. The first scotch tape I used was really sticky, so at some point my polish was melting... I then proceed to take a less sticky one, but it seems to make things worst... (I did let a crazy amount of time in between each colour...)

Last, I put a clear top coat. Somehow, the red on my left hand bleeded...But not on my left hand, which is not good enough anyway to show you...

I used:

  • Nails Inc Battersea Park (green)
  • Nails Inc Floral Street (white)
  • Nails Inc Westbourne (frosty pink)
  • Revlon All Fired Up (red)
  • MUA Nail Polish Shade 17 (clear)
I do like the frosty pink polish, I think I might use it more often!

If you do a Candy Cane nails, please link below!

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