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I am not a big tea drinker (I prefer coffee), but I like loose leaf and flower tea. Don't you think they look waaaaaaaaaaay nicer that the tea bags?

I had the opportunity to review Choi Time Tea, a quality Chinese tea company. I have received the gift box-trio of tea* containing Jasmine Green Tea pearls, Damask Rose Buds and Chrysanthemum flowers. I was particularly intrigued by the Damask Rose Buds one, as I like flower tea. Each portion of tea can make 3 to 5 cups of tea.

One thing I noticed about these teas is that the flavours are subtle. Which can be either good or bad, depending if you like yours strong or not. At first, I tought it was weird, and I was wondering how can I make another cup of tea with those leaves? But the good thing is that contratry to ordinary tea, where all the flavours develop in the first cup and if you add water again it is a watered version of the tea, this one is consistent with its flavours.

I also found the green tea really relaxing. Green tea has cafeine in it, but I drank this one at night, and it felt like herbal tea in the way that it soothes me. I also noticed than drinking this tea with a banging headache helped me with the pain.

Overall, I think this tea would make a good present or a nice tea when you have people over. I wouldn't consider this as an everyday tea, it's too pretty for it! These are perfect for a little tea ritual, as its visual aspect is striking.

A box of three tea is £15 on Choi Time website.

What is your favourite tea?

*Disclaimer: Product offer for review consideration through Fuel my Blog.

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