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Since I don't decorate a lot here, the best way for me to get in the mood for Christmas is by lighting candles. And boy, did I went crazy on them this year! There is something so comforting about candles, and winter is the time you need extra comfort.

Project Art by Nest Fragrances Cinnamon Spice (£12.99)

This one is my favourite! I bought it at TK Maxx for £12.99, but the tag said the retail price was £24.99! They also had smaller one, but I saw them afterwards. Anyway, I love this candle. I put this in my cart instore, and all the while I was browsing I could smell it! Lovely! The name is misleading though. I wouldn't have called it Cinnamon Spice, as it is a really sweet, with a hint of cinnaomon/gingerbread. I did some research, and this company is actually a sister company to Slatkin & Co, who does the ever so popular candles at Bath & Body works! Since we don't have BBW in the UK, I'm glad I was able to purchase this! This one should burn about 125 hr, and I reckon it is likely, as I have been burning it non-stop since I bought it, and I don't even have a third used.

IKEA Tindra (£1.29)

This candle also smell like gingerbread. Unfortunately, the scent is not as strong as the Nest one. Well, I guess I have to put in the fact it's way cheaper! I have almost bruned it all, it lasted a good few hours, considering I light it everyy night since about a month! The website says the burning time is 30 hr, I think it is about right.

IKEA Yrsno (£2,29)

I haven't used this one yet. Therefore, I cannot testify about the strength of the smell or burning time. The smell is like frosted sweet berries. I like the paisley motif on the jar, it doesn't scream Christmas, so this could be used anytime of year. This one should burn up to 25 hr.

Air Wick Ribbons Scent Mulled Wine & Crackling Fire (£6)

Those are a little on the expensive side for grocery candles, but they are a good alternative to the most expensive ones (Nest, Yankee Candle, etc.) I had a few of these last year and I can't blame them. This one smells more like mulled wine than crackling fire. I guess the name sounds good and that's a good marketing startegy! Those can be found anywhere where they sell Air Wick products: ASDA, Sainsburys, Tesco, etc. Burning time on these is 30 hr.

Yankee Candle Red Apple Wreath (£1,75)

Since everyone is raving about the Yankee Candles, I decided to see what the hype was all about! I reckon these smell divine, and I had a hard time deciding which scent to get! I haven't used it yet, so cannot comment on strength and duration, but according to the Yankee website, this should burn around 15 hr.

I would really like to hear about your favourite candles in general, and Christmas ones! Please comment below :)

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  1. hehehe nothing is better than a room filled with beautiful candles... just my boyfriend doesnt like the smell :D

  2. Yes me too sometimes he doesnt like the smell...

  3. I love candles too I usually buy strawberry or vanilla scented ones xx

  4. Ahhh les Yankee Candles! Même si on les avait ici, je ne pense pas que je dépenserais autant d'argent pour une chandelle, si merveilleuses soient-elles! J'ai demandé des chandelles du Bath & Body Works à mon chum à Noël et il m'en a acheté quelques unes et quand je les ai déballées il m'a dit "Ça coûte don bin cher tes affaires, pis c'est quoi ça acheter des chandelles, ça sert à quoi!" Ahhh les gars ahahah

  5. Hi Lisa-Jane! I also like vanilla scented ones! I have never come across a strawberry one that I think smelled natural. Which ones do you get?

    Salut Gaby! Oui, j'me disais que j'voulais essayer un petit format pour voir. J'suis un peu decue de comment ca diffuse l'odeur, mais Fleur de Force disait que ca valait pas la peine de prendre autre chose que les moyennes et les grosses, que l'odeur diffusait pas assez. J'imagine qu'elle avait raison, mais la ca me tente pas de payer £10 pour savoir! On verra si j'en trouve des moins chers (j'en avais vu chez l'equivalent du Winners, mais j'les ai pas prises, maudine!)

    J'ai eu une discussion avec un ami de mon chum pendant les fetes qui disait que tout le monde aimait les chandelles, sauf son pere. Mais j'imagine qu'il connait pas ton chum! ;)


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