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A few weeks ago, I was invited to preview the new Mary Poppins collection from Made of Carpet.

Made of Carpet is a fairly new company that designs and sells bags made of (yes you guessed!) carpets! I thought this was such a cool concept! I have never heard of such a thing, but apparently the idea comes back from the Victorian era. Hence the theme of this collection, Mary Poppins, the fantastic English nanny.

I have talked with Irina Bragin, the woman behind this brand. She told me how she has been influenced by English literature characters such as Mary Poppins and Miss Marple, but tailoring the bags for modern life, lasting a lifetime. Each bag is made out of one carpet and the new collection has 5 models. Other companies offer similar products made from tapestry, but Made of Carpet is the only one designed with authentic Oriental-style carpet. This makes them original and unique.

Bags retail for £120-£140.

The new Mary Poppins collection is now launched on the Made of Carpet Website. By using the code TELLUS, you will have £20 off the new collection (valid until the end of 2011). Also, the Victorian collection is now 50%.

I think this makes for a truly original gift for Christmas!

What do you think of the Made of Carpet concept?

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