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A few weeks ago, I went to Sweden, to visit one of my boyfriend's uncle! I wasn't in the centre of Stockholm, but in the suburbs, and we didn't have lots of time to shop, but I manage to grad a few Swedish (or Scandinavian, if not) goodies!

Clockwise, from left:

Isadora Golden Eyeshadow Trio in Golden Fig (from the Holiday Makeup Collection 2011)
Cliniderm by Acco Lip Repair
Natu Vive Papaya Smooth Hand Cream
Idomin Salva
Apotek Hudsalva (skin ointment)

I have tried all of the products yet except the Idomin balm (I just don't feel my skin is dry enough). Helena, who is the wife of my boyfriend's uncle, gave me some recommendations, as I was looking for a lipbalm (going to Sweden in the winter and forgetting yours is not a good idea!). She recommended the Apotek Hudsalva. This is a generic brand from the drugstore, as we couldn't find the brand she is used to but the lady in the pharmacy assured us it was the same. Helena told me that it was developped by the Swedish army to help the soldiers to cope with the effect the cold had on their skin and lips. It was part of every soldier's kit, as they could also use it to cook (it's made from natural ingredients)! It can also be used on rough patches, cuticles, etc.

She also recommended the Idomin Salva. This is another multitasker product, she told me it is also good for dry feet, and I read that it's also used for nappy rashes. To me, it sounded like the Swedish equivalent of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.

I have to say I took the other products (Cliniderm, Natu Vive) only for their appeal, as I couldn't test them.

I was able to swatch the Isadora palette, as the grocery store that was selling it had testers. It was a tough decision, but I decided on Golden Fig as I don't have a lot of those colours.

The Isadora palette was about £10, which I found a little expensive, but I really wanted to bring back some hard to find makeup! I could have sworn that I saw on their website that US an UK residents could order online, but now I can only see it for US... Will let you know about it if it changes!

The packaging reminds me of the VIVO eyeshaodw trios. Except, VIVO is bigger and also cheaper. I think I would range the quality as being similar though.

Next week, I am going to Germany for the holidays and I will surely bring back some goodies from there as well, as I know they have fab cosmetics there!

What brands do you like to buy when you are abroad?

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