Versace for H&M Haul (pics heavy)


A few weeks ago, H&M launched their Versace collaboration! Everyone went crazy about it, papers saying the collection sold out within minutes.

Well, for me, mere mortal, I had to wait after my day of work and see what's left, if anything was interresting. Obviously, the things I was eyeing were sold out (Pink Pelle Borchie Dress, Pelle Borchie Leather Jacket, Leather Bracelet, Pink Scarf).

This has its good points, since I have tried things I wouldn't normally tried and was really impressed with the Purple Bottoni Oro Dress. It is really curve hugging, but in a good way. This will probably be the dress I will wear for New Year's Eve!

I have also picked up the Purple Babydoll Dress, I am not sure of this one on me, just because of the empire waist, which draws attention to my tummy.

I also thought the Leather Shoes were really nice! I didn't have a silver pair of shoes yet, so this was the time to get one! I love the buckle on it, really bling but elegant. They are really high though, so maybe I will wear them for a few hours that's it. At the same time, I don't want to wear it! They're too nice!

The next day, I decided to go look for the men's pieces. I found that silk scarf. It is a little psychedelic, but the monochrome colours don't make it OTT!

I am not familiar with the collaborations H&M had with designers except a few ones. To me, they were H&M quality, but with a designer style. What striked me with the Versace Collection was that the quality is way better than normal H&M. It is more pricey, but for the quality (without even talking about the brand), I think the price was alright. Both the dresses and the scarf are !00% silk, and the shoes are leather... So I think £79.99 for a silk dress is fair.

Also, I don't know about the other collaboration, but I was supper excited to receive the velvet hangers and silky (cotton blend) dust bags! The shopper bag was also nice and my shopping experience was luxurious, even though I had to wait longer than I am usually able to bear for the fitting rooms.

The packaging of evertything was very detailed, and the shoppers bag was beautiful!

The only thing I don't like are the clasps on the dresses. It seems they either are on the wrong side, or just don't grasp enough...

So overall, I really like the pieces I got!

Have you purchased anything from the range? If so, what did you get?

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