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Hello there!

During my holidays I visited a friend of my boyfriend in Germany! It was nice to go back there, as people are so friendly, the food is nice (yes, I like saeurkraut, but unfortunately I didn't have any this time around) and most importantly for this blog, the beauty products are great and cheap! Forget France for beauty products, give me Germany any day!

Of course I had to go to Rossmann, the German equivalent to Boots (but better!) That's where I bought all the makeup I am featuring in this post (except the NIVEA lippy, I bought it at the NIVEA HAUS in Berlin). I cannot stress my love of Rossmann enough. If you go to Germany, you HAVE TO go to Rossmann! Their own brand are dirt cheap and pretty good, and also they stock those brands we don't have here in the UK: Essence, Catrice, Manhattan.

I ramble, but I am sure you want to see the goods!


Eyeshadows: Aren't they all pretty?!

Tinted Cream for blemished skin

Gorgeous lips! Yes, a white lipstick is weird, but it has golden sparkles, and I have dark lips anyway. Will look good on top of so-so lipstick I have!

Rival de Loop Young and Synergen are Rossmann's own brands.

What do you think of German makeup? Do you have any German favourites? What is your favourite beauty destination?

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind comments on muy blog thats so nice of you to say.

    I love the colour of the 1st lipstick and the middle lip gloss....I love pinks xx

  2. Wonderful purchases, hon! i don't actually know of any German makeup brand. oh dearie me!

  3. @ The Brunette: You're welcome, Lisa-Jane!
    @ Trishie: Thank you! When you get the chance, you should try them!

  4. great haul!! i'm not too familiar with German makeup, but my favorite beauty destination is definitely France, I always attack parisian supermarches for their "drugstore" makeup whenever i visit :))

  5. came across this post while i was googling for Isana brand. there are soooooo many skincare and cosmetic brands in germany that it will take you years to use them all! all of them are good quality and do not contain harmful chemicals :) rossmann is definitely my favorite place to get them, but dm (drogeriemarkt) is awesome too.

    1. Yes, I also like DM, but last time I was in a rush, so prefered to go to Rossmann :)


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