German Haul: Skincare


This is the last part of my German Haul! If you missed the other post, I talked about makeup and facial skincare.

The three items in this post come from my beloved German drugstore Rossmann.

Isana is one of Rossmann's own brands. The shower gels were €0.65 (bargain!) and the scrub (peeling) was €0.99. I haven't tried their peelings yet, but every time I go to Germany I pick up a couple of shower gels, because they are cheap, smells good are are fab quality!

If you want a review on a particular item, please let me know in the comments!
Have you tried any German beauty products?

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  1. wow! talk about amazing prices. They all sound so good!

  2. Hi Bailey!

    Isn't it? The Germans have high standards, even for cheap products! I am not scared to try with their products, as I know it will usually be good. Didn't really have bad experiences with German products! :)

  3. Evertime i am i german (often) i go to rossmann and buys LOTS AND LOTS of shower gels and facial skincare etc.

    1. If i lived in Germany, I would spend my paycheck in Rossmann!


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