Bjorn Borg Says Ja! to Turning the Lights Off


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I don't like to do this, but I will do it anyway: I am sorry for the lack of post in the past weeks. Yes, every blogger says this now and then, and I am going to say it as well. The past few weeks has been busy and to be quite frank, a roller coaster of emotions. I don't want to talk about this more at the moment, but I do apologize for my absence of the blogosphere.

Well, one of the highs of the past few weeks has been being invited to the Bjorn Borg event last Thursday at the Battersea Power Station. I had no idea this would be this huge! Well, it was actually Sweden recreated in the Station: saunas, igloos, sleek wooden furniture, meatballs, good-looking people...
When I was invited to the event, I was under the impression that Swedish designer Bjorn Borg was cattering to men only. I was wrong, and glad I was because the collection is just what I like: fun and colourful. Male and females models were "unleashed" to roam the venue and play along with people, dance and even throwing pillow fights! All of this in underwear and bikinis! I think this was really dynamic and suited the young feeling of the collection. When all the guests were starting to let their hair down and get into the fun spirit, the catwalk show was on. The result of the autumn/winter 2012 collection? There again, lots of neon bright colours! LOVE!

Right after the catwalk show, everyone was invited outside (bbbbbbrrr, cold!) for a special surprise. A 4D projection. Smoke was hovering in the air, lighted by green lights. This gave a really nice "aurora" effect, in which a video showcasing the collection was projected. I've never seen anything like this before, it was like Christmas again!

Have you been to any Fashion Week show? What is your favourite designer?

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