Saturday's Stuff I Like


This week was better than last week, thank God! But I still want to look on the bright side, and continue this series of things i have been liking this week.


Well, I always like cupcakes, but this week was a cupcake filled one! I made those a few days ago, and I also got some at every event I went this week.

Press/blogger events

Which leads me to the second thing I enjoyed this weeks, events. It seems that all of them were concentrated this week, as I had 3! That never happened to me to have more than one event in the same week. I also liked the fact I met nice bloggers!

Cashmere jumpers

This week was so freezing, I couldn't do without these! I absolutely adore the ice cream colour. Also, the pink one was a Christmas present from my man (he has good taste!)

Leopard Prints

I just love leopard prints! The fashion magazines had tried to steer us away from it saying the in print of the winter was snakesprint, but I'm not buying it! Leopard it is :)

Free Stuff

Well who doesn't like free stuff? i got the cowboy boots on Freecycle 2 weeks ago. I still have to polish them, but they are nice quality, leather cowboy boots. I got the cashemere jumper (another one) yesterday, when I went to Portobello Road Market. The seller was asking £1 for it because of an imperfection, but I spotted another one so he gave it to me! Was nice of him!

What about you? Let me know your favourites!

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  1. Oh my god those cowboy boots are amazing I am going to have a look at that website thanks xx

    1. Thanks Lisa-Jane! You should def sign up on Freecycle, everything listed on there is free! What you can grab depends of your area and how fast you can reply to the listings! I was lucky they were my size :)

  2. I will do this I cannot get over how great those boots are.

    Also I have tagged you in my blog please take a look xx


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