Free Lush Face Mask and Workshop with Clipers Tea!


If you love tea and Lush products, you're going to be spoilt! I just found this offer on Clippers green tea boxes (about £2). With promotional packet, you can book a blueberry facemask workshop at Lush (selected stores).

From what I have seen on forums, all the Lush store should run promotional workshops, but you have to book an appointment on Lush's website in order to go. You also have to bring the promotionnal packaging on the day.

This workshop and mask is worth £15. A good deal if you are drinking green tea!

Have you been to a Lush workshop before?

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  1. Tout un deal! Je suis encore à la recherche de mon thé vert parfait, auquel je n'aurai pas besoin d'ajouter de sucre, car je les trouve tous trop amer ):

    1. J'te comprends, moi aussi ca ma pris du temps a m'habituer au the vert! J'trouvais que ca goutait le gazon!


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