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Since I started my weight loss journey this winter, I'm always on the lookout for healthy alternatives and to vary my diet. I have never been what I would consider a health freak or granola girl before. But since I started adding a few healthier choices in my diet, I realized that I like it! So why not continue on this right track?

I have been offered the chance to try some Hale & Hearty agave syrup*. I thought this would be a good way to replace brown sugar in my porridge/weetabix. Hale & Hearty sent me 2 of their agave syrups: Original and Maple. They also sent me a pack of their 4 Grain Pancake Mix* (well, that's a good excuse to try syrups, now!).

Hale & Hearty is a company that provides "delicious food as part of a diet free from wheat, gluten and dairy." They have a few pantry basics such as: syrups, pasta, cereals, etc.

I like the syrup, you can use them absolutely everywhere you would put sugar: tea, coffee, baking, etc. Overall, I try to avoid sugar, I don't put any in my coffee, sometimes I do in tea. But you still need a bit of sweetness in life! So for me, it's bye brown sugar in my breakfast and hello agave maple flavoured syrup.

What I like about the agave maple flavoured syrup is that it doesn't pretend to be actual maple syrup. Being Canadian, it offends me to see on the shelf a product that claims to be "maple syrup" only to discover it's actually corn syrup with a tiny bit of maple... You know, I hate false pretense!

On to the 4 Grain Pancake Mix. I liked the fact it was relatively quick to make. I did make them in a pan that was not non-sticky, and I made a mess out of it... Next time I will use another pan. It feels weird to me to eat pancakes with grains in them. It's good, but to me it's not natural.

Hale & Hearty can be found in most UK supermarkets and also online.

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