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I guess you're the same, but it's always when you don't work, don't have a lot of money that you have urges to spend. Well, I am like that anyway!

Hopefully, I did manage to find a few good things in the sales lately, so it didn't cost too much. I love the clearance racks at Shoppers Drug Mart, they usually have a lot of good stuff! It's either discontinued products or lines that the store will not be carrying anymore. Also, it is worth noting that every store is different, so if you have more than one if your area, go check them all!

Today I'm presenting you what I got fthe last 2 times I visited the stores in New Brunswick. Everything here was 1 or 2$, except one product!


No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation in 40 Suede: It's summer and I didn't have a foundation that suits my tan, so when I saw this one, I grabbed the opportunity to try it. They didn't have any testers, so it was a hit or miss, but fortunately, it is a hit. I like the fact it is a mousse, it doesn't feel sticky, so perfect for summer! 2$

Bijin Bento Beauty Box: I saw those palettes a while ago and thought they were pretty, but at 15$, I decided it was too expensive. It contains 1 blusher and 4 eyeshadows. This was the last one left, and it was 1$!

No7 Lash 360: I'm kinda addicted to mascaras lately. I haven't tried this one yet, but I like No7 products in general and haven't been disapointed by their mascara. 2$

Bijin Ink Liner in Violet Vixen: A fun eyeliner, for 1$.

Bijin Kawai Kiss Gloss in Coral Chic and Tickled Pink: For 1$, you can never have too many lipglosses. 'Nuff said.

Body Sprays

I'm not a big fan of body sprays as I prefer perfumes, but since it's really hot here in Canada, I thought it's better to use those instead. Both were 1$

Bodycology Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Mist: This one is really (sickly) sweet at first sniff, but it develops well. It last longer than most body sprays.

Bath Retreat Sunkissed Mango Body Mist: Smells exactly like the name says. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long.

Hair Products

Sally Hershberger Wave Spray: Haven't tried it yet, but this will come handy when I'm going for a wavy, low-maintenance look. It also smells so good, a combination of lime and coconut! It comes with a sample of Hyper Hydratation Super Keratine Spray. 5$

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme: This will be used to tame flyaways. It comes with a travel-sized Moisture Barrier Hairspray, which I will put into good use in London (when I'm back)!

Makeup Bag

Quo Makeup Bag: They had a selection of bags for 2$. Isn't this one cute?


I bought those a little while ago. But I saw the Pur Facewash for 0.50$ last week. Bargain!

Pur Exfoliating Face Wash: This is my new favourite cleanser. It has tiny exfoliating beads (as its name suggests). It smells fresh. If you see it for 0.50$ at your local branch, it's worth to stock up as it's probably discontinued. I paid mine 2$.

L'Oréal Ideal Balance Fomaing Gel Cleanser: This promises to deep clean and to control oil, so I'm curious to see what it will do. It'S a gel formula, so should be good. 2$

Avalon Organics Hydrating Toner: I use this one in the evening, as it contains lavender. It helps to calm me and get me into a sleep routine (I'm suffering from insomnia these days). 2$

Clean & Clear Pore Perfecting Moisturizer: I bought this one because it promises to reduce the look of pores, and also because it contains SPF 15. If you're anything like me with oily skin, you know it can be hard to find a suitable daily sun protection that is not oily. 2$

Oxy Natural Action Oil Absorbing Lotion: Again, I have been lured by the claim of getting rid of that nasty oiliness! 2.33$

Have you tried any of these products yet?

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