Sunday Shopping the Stash (at my parent's)


Hi there!

Long time to see (or blog). I have been away in Quebec City twice in the last month. As I am still waiting for my visa to be processed, I try the best as I can to change my mind and do things.

Well, when i arrived at my parents' place back in May, I have promised you a Shopping the Stash with the products i have left there. Here it is! Some people will say that it's old makeup, yes it is, but I don't mind. I actually have been shopping the stash, even though i haven't posted about it.

Here are the products I will be using this week!

Cover Girl Nail Slick Nail Polish in Mint Sorbet: God, these were my favourite nail polish back in high school. Maybe I shouldn't say that... Anyway, I'll try if it's still good. I tested it real quick the other day and it seemed fine!

L'Oréal Shine Délice in Strawberry Smash: One of my all time favourite lipstick. You can see it's almost finished (yay for empties!).

Faces Eyeshadow: Now, I cannot say what are the names of the colours. It's a vanilla beige and a copper brown, The vanilla shade is almost gone, another favourite! I have used the shade in the past 2 weeks, and I sincerely don't know why I stopped using it! Love!

Annabelle Duo Blush in Coral Reef: I bougt this because I was looking for an orange eyeshadow and couldn't find one... That was eons ago! I used to use it as an eyeshadow, but have been using it as a proper blusher lately and it's the perfect summery shade.

Fruits & Passion Orange Cantaloup Hand Soap: Fruits & Passion regularly have those stations where you can take a few samples. It smells like you would expect, like orange fruits.

Origins All and Nothing Sheer Pressed Powder: This is a good pressed powder, I have stopped using the sample because I thought the colour was too pale, when it actually is translucent.

Now tell me I'm not the only one using old products! Please confess!

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  1. That mint nail polish looks gorgeous x

  2. Hmmmmm je me rappelle que toute la gamme Orange Cantaloup de Fruits & Passion sent TELLEMENT bon! Malgré que je ne suis pas trop fan de leur qualité/prix

    1. Ouiiiiiiii ca sent bon! J'avoue que les produits Fruits & Passion, j'achete plus pour faire des cadeaux, pcq c'est pas donné!


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