My Beauty Quebec Challenge: My Brows


This is the first challenge I take part in, and it was supposed to be published on Monday. But my week has been crazy (started a new job) and I finally have some time to sit doown and blog about it.

The challenge comes from My Beauty Quebec, a French written blog. They challenged us to talk about our brows. Since I'm in the middle of growing them thicker, I felt I had to talk about them!

I've never really liked my brows. It's not the shape they have, but more the hair itself. it is really coarse are curly, like hair that grows somewhere down south (I know the image is horrible, but it's like that!) Because of that, I have been plucking my life away since I'm a teenager, thinking the hair would somehow grow thinner. Well! It just left me with a thick brow with a thin end.

I became conscious my brows were getting too thin when I received the HD Brows kit (in Foxy) in one Glossybox (yes, I hate the company, but the boxes are fine usually). At first, I thought I would never use that, that my brow were too big anyways. I did try it, and I liked the groomed effect it had, and I liked the way my brows looked with a thicker end.

Recently I decided: "Enough is enough", now that I'm not working, it is time to let it grow! After a week I saw the difference, but it was still sparse. I read on Sanya's blog how to help them grow with castor oil. I tried it and it works, The only thing is that I am not doing it regularly enough.

On a daily basis, I pretty much let my brow live their own lives. What I do if I find them too obnoxious is that I will comb them with an old mascara brush (the Maybelline Great Lash works fine, as it is a really simple wand). About once a week I will tweeze them. And I cut the curly bits (I comb them up, and then cut the part that is too long).

If I go out or I have a function at work, I will use the HD Brows palette. Because my brows are balck, I always use the darkest colour. I really like the little brush that comes with it, it is short and sturdy, making it easy to draw the brow with tiny strokes.

What do you do with your brows? How do you like them? Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. I've only recently discovered a need for prominent brows. Up until this year I've never much bothered with them because I had a huge sweeping fringe.
    I've had my brows done by a a friend but I find it easier just shaping them myself by using a eyebrow shaping brush with some brown powder :)
    I have white eyebrows so I can pretty much dictate how thick or thin I want them to look

    Love your blog :) You have yourself a new follower

    Much love xxx

    1. That's handy to have light eyebrows! Then you can do whatever you want, lucky you! Thanks for following :)

  2. I use a mac eyebrow pencil and then brush it out with an old eyelash wand as it can look harsh. I use Spiked which is the second darkest shade. Honestly my fav eyebrow pencil. Rimmel also so a great cheap alternative, need to remind myself to pick up one when i'm next in boots.

    Great post


    1. I used to use an eyebrow pencil before, but I think they were too waxy, so now I prefer powder :) Will have to check for Spkied, thanks for the tip!

  3. Hey, merci pour la plug! J'ai finalement fait ''shapé'' les miens au Local B à Montréal et j'utilise le Aqua Brow de MUFE ... je vais en parler bientôt!

    1. De rien! J'avais trouvé tes posts intéressants et utiles! Oui, j'ai hate de voir tes nouveaux sourcils! :)

  4. Great post it has given me some ideas x

    1. Thanks Lisa-Jane! I'm glad I can help, it would be nice to see you do a post on your brows too!


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