Review: Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm


I was super excited to receive this product to review. I have heard a lot about Carmex before, but somehow I had never tried any of their products. And what can I say, it's pink!

The lip balm comes in an elegant bronze package, which looks more like a lipstick than a lipbalm package. If you know Carmex products, you will recognise its signature camphor/menthol scent. But there's also a hint of vanilla.

As the name suggests, the tint is sheer (I got the Pink one) and it's perfect to reapply on the go, without having to use a mirror.

It does a good job at moisturing, as it contains vitamin E (which I'm sold on) and aloe. Another plus is that it contains SPF 15.

The Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm is sold in Boots for £4.49

*Disclaimer: PR sample

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  1. Je ne sais pas, c'est bizarre, mais je ne suis tellement pas intéressé par ce produit, pourtant, J'ADORE le Carmex original dans le tube et j'aime bien la version tube aux cerises aussi! Peut-être c'est le fait qu'il soit en bâton solide? Ou qu'il n'ait juste pas l'air d'un produit Carmex? Oui, je suis bizarre comme ça ahah

    1. J'ai aussi la version tube aux fraises, que j'aime bien! J'pense que le fait que ce soit un mélange entre baume et rouge a levres, qui te fait hésiter... J'avoue que moi aussi d'habitude jpréfère un baume sans couleur!

  2. That sounds good. I never uselip balm as I always wear lipstick x

    1. That's another way to keep your lips hydrated :) I just always forget to put lipstick, or to re-apply it during the day!


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