Sunday Shopping the Stash


I like shopping the stash! Especially now that I'm not working, I cannot justify to buy as much prducts as before!

This week's shop is mainly skincare. Now that summer seems to be back, I'm gonna take advantage of it and go tanned outside!

Carmex Strawberry Moisturizing Lipbalm*
: This one is clear and has SPF 15, so I use it when I go tanning outside. I like the fact it doesn't smell like fake strawberry as much as most products, in fact, mixed with the signature Carmex scent (nethol and camphor), I rather find it smells like freckled (strawberry) lemonade :)

Tropic Tan SPF 30 Sunburn Protection Lotion: This comes from Dollarama and I don't have anything to complain about. It smells like cocoa (it has cocoa butter in it), and doesn't leave that annoying white cast some might do (like the Burt's Bee one).

Eyeko big Eyes Mascara: This is the old formula. I haven't tried the new, because it's 3x the price! Eeek! But the original formula was really good, my last tube is almost finished :(

Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner in Kryptonite
: I,m glad to rediscover Annabelle's product, now that I am back! I also like glitter eyeliner, they are perfect when you don't what to do an elaborate eye, but you do want something to pop. Kryptonite is pale green and easier to wear than you would think.

Clarins Moisture Quenching Hydra-Care Lotion
: I'm not a big fan of Clarins moisturizers as they usually are too rich for me. And I will wear them as a night cream. But since this one has SPF 15, I'm going to use it during the day.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
: I always forget I have this sample. It's because you have to apply it 20 minutes before washing your hair. When I decide I wash it, I go straight in the shower, and then I remember about treating it! Oh well, I'll make an extra effort this week!

Do you also shop your stash/rotate the products you use?

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  1. J'ai vu cette crème solaire chez Dollarama mais j'hésitais, si tu dis qu'elle est bonne (j'adore le beurre de cacao!) je suis tentée! J'aime bien le lipbalm de Carmex avec du SPF, moi j'ai celui au cerise, je n'ai pas vu celui aux fraises par ici!

    1. J'ai pas essayé celui aux cerises, mais je l'ai vu au magasin, effectivement pas celui aux fraises :( Mais il est sur le site Américain. Tu me donneras des nouvelles si tu essaies la crème solaire, moi je l'aime bien :)


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