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Fall is really there! We had a surprisingly hot summer here in Eastern Canada, and even September didn't feel like fall at all. But we have to face the music now: summer is gone :(

I'd like to show you a selection of my favourite nail polishes for fall. Some are even great all-year-rounders! When I think about fall, I want vampy or sophisticated colours. But it's not all balck, as I love colours, but out there bright would be too garish at this time of year!

L'Oréal After Hours: A great midnight blue. in the bottle, it looks a little more purple-y that is actually transfers on the nails. I find most of L'Oréal polishes are not true to the bottled colour. When on the nails, it almost looks black with a tint of royal blue. It was part of their Spring 2012 collection, but still perfect for fall!

L'Oréal Eiffel for you: Greige ahs become a classic in the past few years. I also like Leighton Denny Honey Trap. This is perfect for all seasons. Both of those L'Oréal polish have a creamy finish.

Barbara Daly Envy: This is really my perfect dark red, with a pearl-shimmer finish. I find the perfect red is difficult to find, depending on your skin colour and preference.

Essie Buy me a Cameo: This might look like a granny kind of colour, but everytime I'm not sure about which nail colour to choose when I go away for a weekend for exemple, I usually gor for this one. It suits everything, and it's a colour that pleases everyone.

What are your favourite fall colours?

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  1. Eiffel a l'air superbe, j'adore les greige!

    1. Oui moi aussi! Ça m'a pris du temps a aimer, par contre!

  2. OMG!!! You got great nail colors here. But what caught my attention is the Essie buy me a Cameo. I super like the color for it is ideal for any age and it matches any kind of dress color. I will definitely grab one of this. Another addition to my collection.


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