Saturday's Stuff I Like


It's been a while since my last Saturday's Stuff I like post!

I think it's important to think positive, but somehow I couldn't find lots of stuff to share in a week's time :(

Here is what I love this week!

My new Skull Mug + Coffee

How cool is my new mug? I found it at Dollarama for $1.25. It is for Halloween, but since skulls are back on trend, it'll be my new all year long mug! I have also enjoyed my coffees this week, I like to relax with a cuppa!

Animal prints throw

This throw is sooooo soft! And since the temperature is chilly in Quebec this week, I need this! I'm also a fan of prints, so this is lovely :)

Chocolate Cake

Need I say more? Except I'm not the only one who ate all of it! Dad is my partner in crime.

My blue jacket + leopard scarf

I showed you this blue jacket back in my Quebec Haul back in May.Of course I have to wear it with a leopard print scarf. I also try to get the most of it since it will be too cold to wear it in a few days time :(


Felix is my parent's dog. He's a really friendly Labrador but he's also huge! Last week Dad decided to put him on a diet (basically cutting the treats) hence why he looks sad. But we treat him like a king, don't worry, he's just too spoilt!

What are the things you've been likeing this week? Are you trying to live a more positive life?

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