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It is starting to be really cold and windy in Quebec, even though we had a high temperature record just last week!

Anyway, I was talking to my aunt on the phone earlier this afternoon and I said: "You should come over tonight!" to which she replied: "I'm not going out anymore today! It's too cold!". Oh my, and it's not even January yet!

But she is right, this is the kind of temperature when you just want to curl up in bed with a good book and a cuppa. And of course, a yummy candle lit in the background!

These are the 5 candles I am using at the moment.

For Every Body Chocolate Chip Cookie: I got this one at TK Maxx last year (about £10), but you can get similar fragrance bars on their website. I would describe the smell as being more "minty vanilla" than chocolate, but it is still really sweet. Even though For Every Body candles are soy ones, I do find they make soot. It's not that I mind personally but with my mum being asthmatic, I cannot burn candles for a long time without her having difficulty to breathe. I thought that soy candles would be a solution for her, but not really :( It's not burning quite evenly (I find myself scraping the sides of the pot to help it), and has an ok scent throw.

Project Art by  NEST Fragrance Cinnamon Spice: This has to be my favourite candle of all time. I already posted about it last year in my Holiday Candles post. It's another candle I bought at TK Maxx (£12.99) and I'm not sure whether thay ar still available or not, but if you ever find it, buy it! I have been burning it for the most part of the year and I have a little less than half left. It does last a while! I would say this smells like sweet cinnamon mixed with nutmeg. It is also burning in an even pool, and has a nice scent throw. Overall, a winner!

Old Williamsburgh Candle Cinnamon Bun: This is a cheaper version of the NEST one. It has a similar scent (cinnamon based, sweet and spicy). I bought it at Dollarama for $1.25. I'm starting to think that you get what you pay for with candles! It burns quite evenly, but not all. The scent throw is quite subtle. I've been burning it for a few days now and it's almost finished :( It comes in a cute Mason jar though!

For Every Body Home Baked Glazed Donut: Another For Every Body candle. I do love them, even though they are not my favourite (the NEST one!). This one I bought at Zellers on clearance for about $4. I don'T think you can buy it anymore in store (unless if you find it on clearance). I'm sorry about that. It does smell like donuts, as the other day I forgot this was burning and I thought that the kitchen smelled like Krispy Kreme's! Then again, a soy based candle that has a medium scent throw and is burning relatively equal.

Loblaws Chocolate Chip Candle: I think Loblaws candles are a little bit hit or miss. This one is a hit as per scent throw, but miss for the wick. I burns really unevenly, the wick is not even in the middle of the jar. But it smells nicely, like real chocolate, and not like the nasty artificial chocolate scent we usually have. But I had to pour so much wax in a glass, as the pool was just wasting so much of the stuff! While I was pouring it (in a Nutella glass, my mum thought I was actually messing with Nutella! Hahaha! I think the biggest problems with their candles is the wick, as I have another one and the wick just curled ans burned like crazy at some point. But I didn't have any problem with the first one I have tried, so that's why I think they are hit or miss... If you go for the bigger jar, the candle smell more than in the little ones, just like Yankee candle's.

Now, just because I'm crazy for candles, please do tell me your favourites at this time of year! (Like I need an excuse to get more...Hahaha!)

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  1. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH C'est pas juste, t,en as qui viennent de l'autre bout du monde et que je pourrai jamais mettre la main dessus!

    Je suis d'accord avec toi quand tu dis qu'on a ce qu'on paie pour, j'ai souvent été déçue avec les chandelles moins chères, malgré qu'on peut aussi être surprise!

    1. Les For Every Body se vendent au Canada aussi ;) Yen a au Zellers pis jen ai vu aussi jsais plus trop ou lautre fois (jsais que cest pas bien utile de dire ca...)
      J'écarte pas totalement les chandelles plus cheap, lautre jour encore jen ai acheté au Dollarama, d'autres Old Williamsburgh. Elles vont p-e etre fantastiques!

  2. I've never seen Loblaws candles, but I totally want a chocolate chip candle now!

    I like the Bath and Body Works candles. They are a bit pricey so I only buy them when they're 2 for $20, but I've yet to get a dud. Right now I've working on two: Salted Caramel and S'mores.

    1. They sell them everywhere under the Loblaws umbrella I think! Well, it does here anyway (and I live in the middle of nowhere!): Maxi, Superstore, etc.
      I do like BBW too, but I don'T have a store here, and shipping price is up the roof!
      Hmm Salted Caramel! Oh and I have a Loblwas Smores as well ;)

  3. Mmmm love a good cinnamon smelling candle!

  4. J'avais acheté la Old Williamsburgh, même odeur que la tienne. C'est fou comment elle sent bon quand j'ouvre le couvercle... mais elle ne sent absolument rien lorsqu'elle brûle :( Dommage, j'adore sa fragrance...


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