Bear with me please!


This week my computer and I had an accident! While i was drinking tea, I slipt some on my keyboard and apparently keboards cannot drink tea!

Hopefully, I think my computer is fine, as everything is still there, but I have troubles with the mousepad and I don't have a spare keyboard to plug it in. I will go and have it check probably on Monday.

So bear with me while I am virtually computerless!

See you soon! xxxx

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  1. Oh non! On joue tellement toutes avec le feu à tous les jours, je suis aussi coupable, mais il ne m'est pas encore arrivé d'accident! En attendant, arrives-tu à blogguer par ton cell?

    1. Non, mon cell a pas Wifi (ma mère se rappelle plus son mot de passe!)... Alors je prends le sien quand elle le prend pas...Mais on est tellement accro a nos ordis que cest pas évident!

  2. Hope your computer can be back on soon! Love the picture of the bear!


  3. OH gosh that sounds like the sort of thing I would do. x


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