Christmas Room Tour!


I hope all of you is ready for Christmas Eve! I am (well I just need to wrap the dog's present now).

I finally managed to add the final touches to my room decor yesterday. And I'm pretty proud of it!

Here are a few snaps:

I found this cute embroided pillow at Dollarama! $2.50, a great find! The teddy is from my ex, and since the pillow has teddys I thought it would be cool to put it right besides. Plus, he has a green knit sweater, perfect for Christmas!

I got this golden apple at a Charity shop last Saturday. I'm not sure how much it costs because I got a deal on the Christmas stuff, but I think I got them all for less than $1.

This reindeer candle holder and candle comes from Maxi (I'm sure it can be found anywhere under the Loblaws unbrella).

The reindeer is from Dollarama, and the fanal is a find from my dad's basement.

The tealight holders in front of the teddy are from the charity shop. The nutcraker and teddy are from my aunt. The russian doll santas I'm not sure, I got them when I was like 10!

Gingerbread lady is from a German Christmas shop!

I think this nutcraker Santa was from my mum. I got the mulled wine mug at Hamburg's Christmas Market last year :)

Details from a wire Christmas tree from Dollarama!

My mum got me this cupcake decoration last year when she visited me in London.

Feel free to link to your Christmas decor, as I've been obsessed about them lately!

Merry Christmas!

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