October and November Empties


I haven't done an empty post last month for the reason that I was in London and it took me time to process everything that happened there and all the exhaustion I was suffering from the moving. But I did have some great empties, and I continued in my stride in November!

November looked like this:

Percy and Reed Splendidly Silky Moisturising Shampoo and Conditoner: I received the conditioner and really liked it. So I went to get the shampoo. I didn't like this one. It left my hair greasy looking. But I would still consider getting the conditoner, not the shampoo!

Dollarama Premium Cotton Pads: I have been using those for years now. I have tried better ones, but I think that price and quality-wise, they are the best. Cannot beat a safe $1 product!

Primark Beauty Nail Polish Remover Wipes: Again, a good bargain! I got two of those pots for £1 at Primark. at first I thought they were too thin, and I didn't like the oily feeling. But It turned out I grew fond of it. Each wipes is well soaked, and I can easily clean a few nails with only one.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser: I was disapointed by this. Everyone and their mom on the blogosphere claims it is their holy grail cleanser! It is ok, I don't have any particular problems with it. It smells like spa, natural skincare and I liked it. But for my oily skin it is not the best thing. I would recommend it for sensitive skin though, as it is gentle.

And here is October, minus a few things I used up in London (the pics are on my broken computer)

Bliss Body Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Butter: Really liked this one! I'm considering buying it when I run out of moisturiser! The combo blood orange and white pepper might seems weird, but I don't smell the pepper, and I like citrusy scent! The fact that a body butter is in a tube is weird for me, but it was a perfect combination between body butter and cream. It also does the job to moisturise my skin.

Natu Vive Papaya Smooth Hand Cream: I also loved this hand cream I bought a year ago in Sweden. It is not readily available in the UK or Canada, but when I go back to Sweden I'll look out for this one! it smells soooooo good!

L'Oréal Youth Code BB Cream in Light: I liked this BB Cream! I'm not against L'Oréal as much as I used to be. they do have good products, even though they really should include Quebec residents in all their competitions! This BB cream is no exception, even though I tried the shade Light, it worked on my medium skin (and we know BB cream tend to be lighter than most foundation!) I might purchase this after I run out of a few foundations.

Gold Bond Foot Cream: Uh, this is the old packaging! But Gold Bond is the best foot cream I have tried up until now. I will certainly repurchase this, especially now that their packaging is more stylish!

Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara: This used to be one of my favourite mascaras, even though it is kinda annoying to take off. If Eyeko wouldn't have rebranded (and take out most of all) their products, I would be repurchasing this. It used to be £5, and now it's £15! Eeeeeeek!!! They say the formula has been improved. Well, it might but I liked the old one, and I'm not ready to pay that much to test the new one! I would pay £15 only for a Lancome or Dior mascara, but not for this. Sorry Eyeko, I used to love you, but you're not targeting me as a customer right now!

Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste: I had a few samples of the whitening strips and the toothpaste. While I cannot really report anything on the strips as I only had 2 to try, I did see a notable difference while using the toothpaste. I have already bought a tube! I can see how my teeth are whiter when I brush them. Now, don't expect Hollywood white, but enough to take off any coffee or tea residue that may stain otherwise. It has tiny scrubbing beads in it, which helps to remove yellowness off teeth.

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  1. Tant d'empties! Well done :)

  2. you used so much! I always wanted to try the Eyeko mascara, but mainly because the tube was squeezy and I thought that was quite a novel idea.

    1. Yep, I'm patting myself on the back! For the Eyeko masacar, the squeezing tube really comes in handy in the end! I wish they could all do mascaras like these :)

  3. Je suis tentée d'essayer la crème Gold Bond, ça semble être un classique qui fonctionne vraiment! J'ai vraiment détesté le mascara d'Eyeko par contre, je l'ai essayé deux fois et il m'a fait pogné les nerfs chaque fois ahah

    1. Ben oui, moi jpensais que tu l'avais déjà essayée! J'me rappelle avoir vuq eu t'avais pas aimé le mascara Eyeko! Peut-etre que tu aimes mieux les mascaras plus liquides, je trouve qu'il est "cireux" un peu! Mais moi jaimais bien!


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